“I had tension in my upper back, neck and shoulders for a long time which left me sore and in discomfort. I went to see Philippa on recommendation from a friend and I’m so glad I went. Philippa quickly identified the problem and suggested this may have been a contributory factor to my recurrent headaches. After only three sessions I felt significantly more relaxed and the tightness and tenderness went. Amazingly I noticed a big reduction in the number of headaches I was getting which has made a huge difference to my general wellbeing day to day. Philippa is extremely professional, knowledgeable and very personable. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Fitstuff Clinic. Thank you so much for all your help!”


“I have suffered from muscular tension in my upper back, neck and shoulders for many years which have been greatly relieved by the treatment I have received at Fitstuff Clinic. However, since Philippa integrated the use of kinesiology tape into her procedure the results have been remarkable with decreased pain and neurological symptoms being noted far beyond the appointment day. The tape stays in place for up to 5 days, is extremely comfortable and so light I am not aware it is there!”


“Philippa has managed to keep an ageing rugby player’s body in good enough shape to mean that I can’t blame physical issues for my lack of prowess at golf and tennis. This is particulary impressive given I often present Philippa with new interesting injuries, and recently broken bones (skiing). She always finds the best way to get me going again and does so with a smile, even when she knows I don’t manage all the prescribed exercises, never have enough rest and always try to go back to sport too quickly!”


“In the past few years I have worked alongside Philippa in the treatment of elite athletes. She is extremely professional and combines excellent clinical skills with the ability to establish a good working rapport with both her patients and colleagues.”


“Philippa Lock has been part of the Fulham Football Club soft tissue therapy staff for 3 years. She contributes to an essential part of our first and reserve team preparation and recovery interventions for both the training and game environment. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with elite sports men and women and is a valuable member of our multidisciplinary sports medicine team.”


“I have known Philippa for about 12 months now. I am a semi professional rugby touch judge operating at Guinness Premiership and European Cup level. I find it vital to have a weekly sports massage to iron out all the bumps and bruises connected with the sport (even as a touch judge) and to that end Philippa has been an excellent discovery. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“As a sub 3 and half hour marathon runner, competitive swimmer and an active road race cyclist, I have found the treatments and support that Philippa has given me over the past few years invaluable. Be it setting programs that are challenging, yet allow for important recovery time, sports massage or treatment that have either kept me flexible enough and injury free to train, or repaired damage I have caused by overtraining when not listening to Philippa about the importance of recovery! Her firm but supportive and friendly approach is just what I need to ensure I train at the right level, and get the results, finish times and positions I am aiming for. I would gladly recommend her to anybody interested in undertaking sport over a sustained period, or even just wanting mentoring and quality advice on getting back in shape and enjoying the benefits of good health.”


“I have had a number of annoying sports-type injuries and ‘niggles’, over the last year or two, as well as a long standing low back problem, and I am so thankful that I have found Philippa. I find that not only does she put her hands on you and immediately diagnose where problems exist; but she takes great time and trouble to work out what the root cause of the problem is. She also gives a marvellous, very firm and effective sports massage, when muscles are simply very tight. She really is the best therapist that I have ever been to over the years. She works closely with my Personal Trainer Jon Field, and I find this very beneficial to exercising effectively, whilst rehabilitating and preventing further injury. I think Philippa is absolutely brilliant, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has a very caring attitude, and is very professional; yet she is always cheerful and funny. I always look forward to our sessions – even if they sometimes hurt a bit (for a short while)!”


“I originally consulted Bel to help with consistent pain in my lower back and it was very satisfying that after only a few sessions I saw a significant improvement and my back is much better today. I continue to see Bel on a weekly basis to keep it that way. Bel is very calming, has an immensely positive attitude and is exceptionally talented. She offers very good post treatment advice. The sessions are also very relaxing and Bel is easy to communicate with and makes you feel very comfortable and has especially done so during the Covid-19 pandemic. I can, without hesitation, highly recommend Bel”




”Bel is very professional and extremely talented. She is quick to diagnose a problem and has managed to solve all my ailments. She is strong with magic fingers! I would highly recommend Bel to anyone”