1-2-1 Running Technique Programme 

Analyse your running style and improve your technique and efficiency with this personalised one-to-one programme.

Your programme starts with a one-to-one consultation to identify your running goals, an initial video analysis of your technique and a movement assessment to help identify weaknesses or muscle imbalances.

Sessions include running technique coaching (usually on a treadmill), specific muscle activation and strengthening exercises, and movement re-patterning drills to help you run more efficiently. Once you have improved your running efficiency, we will help you run faster and/or longer, and coach you to achieve your goals. Each week’s session includes personalised home training recommendations.  Your course culminates with a video analysis review to assess improvements in your technique and efficiency, and to review future performance improvement opportunities.


Initial one-to-one assessment, plus 5 x 1-hour individual sessions £360.00


Contact us on info@fitstuffclinic.co.uk for more information or to book an appointment.

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