Pilates in Central Guildford

Please note, at the present time these classes are being delivered via zoom.

Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, core fitness and posture with our range of Pilates and barre classes. From post-natal recovery Pilates to training that will “power up” your athletic performance, our specialist Pilates instructors teach Pilates in a safe and challenging environment.

Group Pilates Classes for Strength & Flexibility

Train smarter, not harder! Regular Pilates training helps you strengthen your core for better athletic performance and keeps early-onset fatigue at bay.

This class is designed to challenge your flexibility, balance, core fitness and strength. You’ll enhance endurance and improve your pelvic control for correct muscle activation. The class includes mat, standing and sport-specific exercises to improve your skill, strength and performance.

Regular Pilates training does more than strengthen your core, it also strengthens your arms, legs and back, helping you train for longer. A strong core can help you maintain your form in the late stages of a race or competition for better results.


Group Pilates Classes

  • Maximum of 8 people
  • £12.50 per class
  • £55.00 for 5 classes
  • £100.00 for 10 classes

1-2-1 Pilates Session

  • A one off session for complete beginners recommended before joining the group classes £25.00