Sports Massage in Central Guildford

Give your body a break and treat yourself to a massage. Regular massage treatment helps with the management of pain and tension associated with occupation and lifestyle. It is excellent for anyone who enjoys the relaxation and release that results from a deep tissue massage.

Massage for Sports People. 

Sports Massage helps improve endurance, prevent injuries and enhance performance. It enables an athlete to train harder and reduces the risk of injury.

Massage can be used to help manage both acute and chronic injuries; to alleviate pain and discomfort, reduce swelling, restore muscle function, promote tissue repair and help speed return to functional fitness.

Pre-event massage warms the muscles, increasing the circulation and aims to reduce the risk of injury. It increases flexibility and helps to improve range of motion. Post exercise massage aids the reduction of muscle spasms, cramps and metabolic build up that occur after intensive exercise and helps to normalise the body’s tissue. 


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