Running 100 Marathons

In 2016 Kasia, a regular client of Fitstuff Clinic & Run Lab and well-known face at Fitstuff Run Club, set herself the challenge of running 100 races of marathon distance or greater. Here we explore Kasia’s three year journey and her plans for the future.

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Why Running Form Matters

At Fitstuff Clinic & Run Lab we not only specialise in health care provision through osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, and Pilates, but are also qualified to advise on running form and technique from our Guildford practice. Developing correct running technique throughout the body is key to preventing injuries, increasing efficiency and improving performance, and an example is to look at how we can refine movement of the upper leg.

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Hill Running

For those looking for an alternative to weight training in the gym, hill training is a good addition to your training programme. Because of the added gravity that you work against when running up-hill, the muscles are forced to contract more powerfully. It might seem contradictory, but they’re very effective at increasing your flat running speed and it’s down to the increase in muscle power.

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