3D Running Gait Analysis

Improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.

This 3D analysis provides a complete biomechanical profile for runners searching for the answer to injury free, efficient running.

  • Identify injury causes & potential injury risks
  • Changes to technique suggested & assessed
  • Enhance performance
  • Receive a detailed personalised report of your running analysis

MotionMetrix uses infrared cameras and custom-built software to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your biomechanics currently available. It enables you to understand your running economy, stride performance, gait symmetry and joint loading.

The data from this assessment helps us to identify even the most subtle discrepancies that may predispose you to injury or limit your efficiency.

45 Minute Running Analysis

COST £85.00

A gateway to our Run Lab services

This session offers a gateway to our Run Lab services, and is an excellent way of looking at the way you run and discovering how you can enhance your technique.

During this session our running technique specialist will work through your analysis with you and provide feedback for areas you can improve on and discuss some exercises to help you achieve your goals.

90 Minute Running Analysis

COST £150.00

We consider this to be our Run Lab flagship service.

Your 90-minute session starts with a one-to-one consultation with Andy, our experienced running technique specialist, to identify your goals. The service will be tailored to your needs and includes a thorough 3D technique analysis on our treadmill, a movement screen to help identify your strengths, weaknesses, instability or inflexibility. It may include a 3D Footscan® depending on your requirements. You will receive coaching on how to improve the way you run and a reassessment towards the end of session to identify the improvements. You will leave the session with a detailed exercise programme focusing on areas where you might need a little extra work.

By the end of the session, you will have an in-depth understanding of areas you need to strengthen and the knowledge to help you achieve your goals and reduce the risk of injury.

Follow-up sessions

COST £75.00

Having completed one of these sessions, you have the option to continue the journey, learn more and focus on your specific goals with the one-hour sessions. These include running technique coaching (usually on a treadmill), strengthening exercises, and movement re-patterning drills to help you run more efficiently.

3D Running Analysis